Stearns County Bridge 73572

Stearns County Bridge 73572

Bridge 73572, located on CSAH 4 in Stearns County, crosses over the Sauk River and consists of a 191 ft long, 3-span prestressed concrete beam bridge. The bridge contains 6 lanes of traffic (3 lanes each way), turn lanes, a raised concrete median, and sidewalks on each side. The bridge width varies along the length of the bridge to account for right and left turn lanes and has a maximum width of 175 ft and a minimum width of 155 ft. It has parapet type abutments, expansion joints, and concrete wall piers. Substructures are supported on steel H-piling. The bridge includes P-2 concrete railing with structural steel tube, ornamental metal railing, and lighting.

Services Performed: Survey, Hydraulics, Geotechnical Coordination, Permit Applications, Preliminary/Final Design, Specifications, Cost Estimate

Construction Completion Date: 2010

Bridge Cost: $3,364,939

Stearns County Bridge 73572

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