Norman County Bridge 54549

Norman County Bridge 54549

The Norman County Bridge 54549 project, located on CSAH 3, involved the design of a new bridge and approximately 2,000 ft of approach roadway realignment, and required coordination with Mn/DOT, NDDOT, Traill County, ND, and Norman County, MN.

Bridge 54549 crosses over the Red River and consists of a 6-span continuous steel beam structure with a total length of 694 ft.  The roadway clear width on the bridge is 36 ft.  Because of the poor soils in the area, the bridge incorporates a fixed center pier and hinged intermediate piers to accommodate future soil movement.  Due to a restrictive horizontal alignment, CSAH 3 was realigned on each side of the bridge.  The new approach roadway consists of 12 ft bituminous lanes and 6 ft aggregate shoulders.

Services Performed: Preliminary and Final Bridge Design, Roadway Design, Field Survey, Hydraulics, Feasibility Study, Environmental Documentation, Permit Applications, Geotechnical Coordination, Specifications, Cost Estimate

Construction Completion Date: 2009

Bridge Cost: $4,808,453


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