City of Marshall (Lyon County) Bridge 42J22

City of Marshall (Lyon County) Bridge 42J22-Culvert

Bridge 42J22 crosses over the Redwood River, and consists of three lines of 12 ft x 9 ft precast concrete box culvert.  Each culvert barrel was designed to incorporate a series of bends, total of 60°, so that the structure can cross under two separate roadways, Third Street and Walnut Street, and still align with the river.  The barrel length for each line of culvert was approximately 300 ft (total of 900 ft of barrel).  A concrete parapet and ornamental metal railing system was attached to the top of the aprons at the ends of the structure.  Design also included a 17 ft high x 202 ft long reinforced concrete retaining wall founded on C.I.P. concrete piling.  Construction inspection was performed by Erickson Engineering.

Services Performed:  Full-time Construction Inspection, and Design Services which included Hydraulics, Permit Applications, Geotechnical Coordination, Bridge/Retaining Wall Design, Specifications, Cost Estimate

Construction Completion Date: 2008

Bridge Cost:  $1,495,268

City of Marshall (Lyon County) Bridge 42J22 - Retaining Wall

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