Big Stone County Bridge 06501

Big Stone County Bridge 06501

Bridge 06501 is located on CSAH 30 in the City of Ortonville at the downstream end of Big Stone Lake, upstream of the dam. It is a 3-span prestressed concrete beam structure with a total length of 215 ft. The roadway width is 40 ft with a 10 ft sidewalk on one side.  Ornamental railing, light standards, and architectural surface treatment on the abutments and wingwalls also were included in the design. Precast concrete slope paving (Armorflex block) was used instead of riprap to protect the abutment inslopes from scour. The design also included approximately 750 ft of approach roadway reconstruction.

Services Performed:Hydraulics, Environmental Documentation, Permit Applications, Geotechnical Coordination, Preliminary/Final Bridge and Roadway Design, Traffic Control Plan, Specifications, Cost Estimate.

Construction Completion Date: 2008

Bridge Cost: $1,929,899

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