Charitable Giving

Past Year’s Philanthropy Activities

Don’t think that Erickson and Wheeler haven’t been busy doing good things for the community this past year!

The year started off with a Chili Cook-off in the lunchroom, with proceeds from the “tasting fee” going to help pay medical expenses for a local family in need. Dale D. won the prize for the best tasting chili!

Our Philanthropy Committee hosted Feed My Starving Children volunteer events in March and November, with Wheeler and Erickson personnel assembling meal pouches to be sent to various places around the world. For the November event, we also donated money through the Feed My Starving Children’s Halloween “fill-a-candy-tube-container-with-quarters” program, used for purchasing meal pouch ingredients.

We also held food drives for the Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People (VEAP) food pantry, located in Bloomington, MN, in March and November, with November’s food items from Wheeler’s Shakopee location helping to stock the Community Action Partnership (CAP) food shelf.

Our ongoing Jeans for CharityAsk us if you’re curious! program donated January and February proceeds to the Special Olympics of Minnesota. March and April proceeds were donated to a local family in need. May and June proceeds were donated to the Wounded Warrior Project in memory of Ken Fields. July and August proceeds were donated to Second Harvest Heartland, for the Feeding America food banks in our region. September and October proceeds were donated to the VEAP food pantry, and November and December proceeds were donated to Toys for Tots.

In September we donated nine bags/boxes of gently used coats and other warm clothes to From You to Me through the El-Bethel Baptist Church.

We also held a Toys for Tots toy drive in December – and again, thanks to those of us who refrained from opening up the toys and playing with them!

We’re looking forward to future events coordinated by our Philanthropy Committee!


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Supporting Future Engineers

Erickson Engineering / Wheeler have been proud to support the Minnesota Region of the Future City Competition for the past several years, through Success Beyond the Classroom.  The Future City Competition involves 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students competing to build cities of the future using simulation software.   Students are engaged in identifying problems, brainstorming, designing solutions, testing, and building – all skills important to foster in our future engineers.  Best wishes for success to the Minnesota Region competitors!
Future City

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